Incredibly colorful creatures can be seen at low tide in the Pacific Northwest.
Intertidal, rose, "rose star"Painted anemoneaggregating anemoneleather starnudibranch, white-lined, dirona, "white lined dirona"painted, anemone, magnificentblood, star, seastar, "sea star"tubeworm, giant, "sea star", seastar, starfish, purple, "giant tubeworm"Intertidal Wonders 9sunflower, star, starfish, "sun flower"red, rock, crab, mate, mating, sex, reproduce, reproduction, crabspurple, ochre, seastar, star, starfish, "sea star"sunflower, star, sea star, starfish, "sea star", "sun flower"Intertidal Wonders 14Intertidal Wonders 15Intertidal Wonders 16Intertidal Wonders 17Intertidal Wonders 18Intertidal Wonders 19Intertidal Wonders 20